The solutions that facilitate user services

Horanet NFC provides solutions that facilitate interaction between collectivities and citizens. Especially by IoT technologies incorporating SIGFOX ISM, NFC or services in SaaS protocols.

➥ How NFC boxes work

  • Sigfox-compatible modems are integrated into a NFC box by Horanet (certified partner).

  • The NFC box orders to the modem to send an index one to several times per day.

  • The transferred data are received by our base station and sent to the Sigfox backend.

  • Sigfox servers verified the whole data and send them to our information system.

➥ An innovative research unit

Our research unit works actively on the last IoT technology to offer you :

A range of interactive terminals

Web applications available on cross-platform

Connected boxes with NFC technologies for proximity service management

➥ NFC boxes working with Sigfox Technology

It enables incorporated propositions to your information system, with an autonomy and an economic model which are incommensurables with existing GSM solutions (Global System for Mobile).

It allows a long distance between the object and the receiver. It’s easy for the network to cover large areas. That technology includes also a better penetration than the traditional network.

Moreover, it is possible to reach indoor objects while ensuring high reliability and a low energy consumption. No local equipment installation is required for the NFC boxes to connect to the communication network. The network is always available and ready to use.

All your NFC boxes are connected to the network, allowing you to have at any time the state and position of your boxes. In case of any malfunction, the network administrators will be alarmed by the box and will intervene to restore the connectivity as soon as possible.

Horanet NFC’s products

➥ The ProximaBox

ProximaBox dimension : H= 15 cm et W= 9,2 cm. Its weight is 250g

➥ The #Tab

Horanet has developed a new interactive terminal: The #Tab. This terminal will be available soon for all Horanet Collectivities applications and direct sales.

These are some of its features (With option: 3G/4G Modem, Player 1D/2D, and fingerprint reader):

  • 7” touch screen
  • IP  56
  • Android Marshmallow
  • MX6 (ARM® Cortex®-A9) Dual Core, 2Go RAM, 32 Go SD Card
  • PoEMicrophone / Camera / polyphonic sound (speech synthesis)
  • NFC
  • Ethernet 10 / 100,  WiFi (B/G/N), Bluetooth
  • 2xRS485/422, 1xRS232
  • 4xUSB
  • 4 IO
  • ISM band ( connected object management– IoT)
  • Dimensions : height (31,4 cm), width (18cm)
Horanet #TAB NFC
Dimension #Tab : H= 31,4 cm W= 18 cm


➥ Loiret departmental council

Recently Horanet worked hand in hand with Loiret departmental council from the strategic planning to the operational implementation of the project called Lysbox, près de chez vousA total of 7000 Lysbox boxes has been set up. The Lysbox (Loiret departmental council property) is a ProximaBox’s variant.

Our company has taken over the box design and manufactured it in our production unit based in Fontenay-le-comte in South of La Vendée (France)


➥ Sigfox

Sigfox is a French company created in 2009, specialised in IoT (Internet of Things). Thanks to its ultra-narrow band technology Sigfox became one of the  IoT worldwide leader. Today, Horanet works hand in hand with Sigfox and we have introduced Sigfox technology into our products.

Further information

A low energy consumption and control over operational cost

Sigfox communication costs are lower than any other communication solution existing on the market.

Consequently, connected objects to Sigfox Network consume less than connected objects on traditional network solution.

A low cost communication and a real time connectivity

Sigfox communication costs are lower than any other communication solutions existing on the market.

  • Connectivity
  • Management
  • The APIs (Application Programming Interfaces)
  • Technical support (without any additional cost)

A flexible and scalable upkeep

The upkeep services include Level II telephone support, remote upkeep and a standard exchange of repackaged NFCs.

  • An optimised operation cost
  • A continuous service availability