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they trust us

SICTOM of the Morestel region

Lucile CURTY, Waste Management Technician

"HORANET is always at our side to make improvements to the Horanet GO Environnement solution so that it can evolve over time and become as complete as possible.

The implementation of an automated access management system has enabled the SICTOM of the Morestel region to better control waste collection at the waste collection center and thus to better manage tonnages and costs.

Agglomeration of Niort and City of Niort

Fabien Beauvery, Information Systems Department

"We have a relationship of trust with Horanet's teams and appreciate their approach, which is based on an understanding of our needs and long-term thinking.  As for the Horanet Go solution, it is transparent and scalable, and corresponds to the expectations and needs of local authorities. It is completely open and allows us to save time with a better control of the tools."

Nantes Metropolis

William BARBIN, Sports Department

"Horanet provided us with a single software program for all the pools, as well as a points-based system so that users can move from one pool to another with the same card. We are very satisfied with the investment and responsiveness of the teams.  

The Go-Sport&Leisure solution makes the work of the pool agents much simpler and a convenience for the users since they can manage their pool card as they wish."

Community of Communes Parthenay-Gâtine

François FOUILLET, Director of Information Systems and Telecommunications

"This is a strong partnership with Horanet, and we have developed a complete, high-performance solution that meets our expectations and those of the region's citizens.  

Thanks to the Horanet Go solution, we are erasing the administrative complexity for the citizen and our community is winning with a strong automation of procedures. It is a coherent global solution that generates savings and is efficient by design."

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