A global solution
for waste management 

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Equipment for easy management of access in waste collection centers

  • A system of ALPR cameras (Automatic License Plate Reading) to ensure smooth traffic flow and better availability of the reception staff.

  • A system of contactless badges to identify all users, individuals or professionals. 

  • An ECOPAD mobile terminal allowing the agent to physically manage access control at the entrance of the waste collection center.

These solutions are accompanied by barriers and display panels to guarantee optimal access control. 

Our Environment solution provides a responsive web portal offering the citizen :

  • Personalization of your personal space

  • The consultation of its bin readings

  • The management of its accesses and deposits in waste collection centers

  • The consultation of its invoices

  • Online payment

A Gestion de la Relation Citoyen module is available in order to allow you to manage all the dedicated steps.

Odoo • Image et Texte
Odoo • Image et Texte

Our software solution also contains an online appointment scheduling module for your users, individuals and professionals. It allows you to : 

  • A management of calendars by waste disposal center

  • A limitation of reservations per time slot

  • Notification to users of appointments (email and SMS)

  • Follow-up of appointments made online by users

  • La réservation des accès aux usagers ayant pris rendez-vous

Our mobile terminal ECOPAD also allows the management of the inputs and the management of the rotation of the skips.

Input management :

  • Multi-criteria identification of producers

  • Registration of deposits by type of waste

  • The dematerialization of deposit receipts and signatures

  • The rise of incivilities

The rotation of skips :

  • Identification of dumpster locations

  • Real-time dumpster fill rate

  • Management of removal requests

Odoo • Image et Texte
Odoo • Image et Texte

Beyond material equipment, we can assist you in the management of household waste by setting up a billing engine (TEOMi, REOMi, RS) adaptable to all your pricing rules :

  • Lifting of household waste bins

  • VAP (Voluntary Contribution Point) contribution(s)

  • Access and/or deposit(s) at the waste disposal center

  • Type of population (municipality of origin, profession, ...)

Our Incentive Pricing solution allows, among other things : 

  • Assignment of bins on moving in

  • Over-budgeting

  • An accounting role compatible with DGFiP standards

  • Interfacing with financial management solutions

Our range of equipment

ECOPAD mobile terminal

ANPR camera

Borne d'accès

Afficheur extérieur

(steering unit)

Hosting service and rgpd warranty

We offer secure hosting of your solution in compliance with European regulations
on data protection and confidentiality. 

some references

Available in the Horanet Go Solution

The Go-Environment has been designed on the basis of the Horanet GO product, a full web-based centralized management tool with its Open Source modules.

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