From access control to waste recycling centre management

GO-Green is a modular tool for managing waste collection from the upper loading area to the lower loading area. Thanks to innovative access control and guarding terminals, our solution enables you to efficiently manage flows, inputs, and removal of dumpsters.

➥ A smart and user-friendly solution

GO-Green gives you information such as:

✓ Deposits by type of waste, by volume or weight

✓ The quantities removed, the rotation rate of dumpsters, etc.

✓ Visits by category of users and per hour

GO-Green has its own invoicing system :

✓ Pre- and post-payment

✓ For several depots and/or accesses

✓ According to certain user categories (especially professionals)

✓ For the whole collectivity protocols

Platform which makes it possible to check the level of filling of the dumpster in order to optimize the rotation

➥ A waste management software

Horanet has developed a software package GO-Green. This management software allows you to follow the access/ Input of the waste recycling centre :

Management module for dumpsters rotation

A user web portal (Enrolment, following, payment)

User management, their identification/category (private individual, professional)

Access and input history/dashboard


An environment web portal by Horanet
One type of access control terminal proposed by Horanet

➥ An access control thanks to contactless smart card

The access terminal is equipped with embedded intelligence and connected in real time to the server hosting GO-Green application. It offers you functions such as :

✓ Barrier opening or not after use of the contactless smart card

✓ Indicators for professional

✓ Traffic counter on upper loading area

All the data are anonymised and saved into GO-Green application. They can be potentially used for statistics, and invoicing.

➥ Input waste management by the NFC mobile terminal: EcoPad.

  • In a first time, the user database is imported into the EcoPad terminal through a server connection.

  • Then the Ecopad identifies the user thanks to his smart card and inputs his drop-off. The Ecopad checks the validity following the rules of the waste recycling centre.

    Every user data are collected on the EcoPad, including the number and the quantity of waste. In the event of invoicing the custodian may have the user signs then gives him a receipt.

  • Finally, all those data will be transfer to GO-Green software and will update the database.

    Those data will be operated for statistics and invoicing.

Horanet had developed the NFC EcoPad, a mobile terminal for the custodian, it allows him:

✓ To input user’s drop-off

✓ To check his profile, his access, his history.

✓ To deliver new smard card

✓ To ask and manage dumpsters rotation

✓ To Report incident/Maintenance etc.

✓ To check access control

Terminal mobile NFC EcoPad

Further information

A 360° modular offer, flexible and embedded

GO-Green is a comprehensive software allowing you to manage your waste from :
  • Bar code and RFID microchip Card and access pass embedded on smartphone
  • Access control and input drop-off by terminal or/and PDA
  • Different access rules depending on the category of users
  • Traffic counter
  • etc.
  • Request removal for dumpsters
  • Monitoring the filling rate
  • Use of waste tracking document (BSD)
  • Statistics
  • Etc

A centralised and real-time business solution

We offer a range of features dedicated to waste disposal facilities, such as :
  • Real-time monitoring and user control on all recycling centres
  • Profile management ( Private individual, professional)
  • Management help from the upper to the lower loading area
  • Online payment and invoicing
  • User database creation through a web module
  • etc.

Independent or interfaced with third-party applications

GO-Green covers all needs while adapting to various configurations:
  • Full Web
  • Real time and centralised
  • Independent
  • Compatible with most publishers on the market

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