From data security to simplified management

Horanet offers hosting and IT outsourcing of your applications, whether developed by Horanet or any other editor.

➥ Customisable service

Horanet hosts and outsources your applications in high availability 24/7, with a performance level guaranteed and without worrying about the security and integrity of your data.

For any Horanet’s solution, we add to the traditional hardware and systems, a smart monitoring of the functioning applications. There is the possibility to add a real-time alert thanks to customisable business indicators according to your profile*.

Horanet has acquired a real expertise in deploying high availability infrastructure in Hosting and IT outsourcing for Local Authorities

➥ A personalised support

Our solutions remove the technical constraints related to your infrastructure management.  It reduces the time spending on technical constraints and increases the time for your work.

  • Undertake preliminary research and identify your needs

  • Writing your technical and functional specifications with a project manager

  • The solutions chosen and the operational implementation of the project

➥ The infrastructure durability

A technical support and a third-party application maintenance on Horanet’s applications:

✓ Individual computers and servers

✓ Global supervision (networks, equipment)

✓ Services (mail servers, websites, software, Web Services and application interfaces).

✓ Network resources optimisation (Internet, intranet, VPN, etc.)

✓ Management, monitoring, and updating of access rights (accounts, files, etc.)

✓ Backup solutions monitoring (rules, encryption, redundancy, etc.).

➥ A high availability infrastructure

This infrastructure is represented by a continuous service of hosted solutions:

Continuous redundancy * of the storage bay power supplies (channel A and B), intermediate servers and switches (Cross-Link *)

Continuous active/passive redundancy of firewall devices ARKOON (cluster *)  and physical redundancy of Internet access of the Datacentre

Duplication of disks (RAID implementation *)

Degraded mode to ensure the service continuity even if network connectivity is temporarily unavailable between the server and client computers.

Continuous redundancy: In case of power supply failure A, redundancy allows power supply B to take over so the server is powered continuously.

Cross-link: Link between server A and server B

Cluster: Servers group

RAID: Improved performance / security and increased system fault tolerance through storage virtualisation that allows data to be shared across different hard drives.

Further information

Data safety

We have high availability infrastructures located in France, close to our company to be able to intervene quickly when it is necessary.

Your data are highly secured thanks to our Tier III + and Tier IV datacentres and our technical experts.

An intelligent supervision

Besides the system supervision and the basic monitoring provided, we also offer you an intelligent supervision system that works with automated notifications. We can also develop probes adapted to your needs.

An elaborated technical support

The technical support of your infrastructures is realised 7/7 by the system and network technicians trained for our business solutions. Therefore, they can directly analyse application incidents or use the most appropriate Horanet service to meet your needs.

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