Widespread access control to buildings

Horanet is one of the main suppliers of data reloading for Vigik®. For property managers, it is the guarantee to control the access authorisation via a secure system.

➥ What is Vigik®?

Developed by La Poste a French company, Vigik® system includes a smart card (Electronic key) and an electronic lock. Those allow access to the buildings common parts for the Service providers and operators.

Vigik®’s locks authorise the access through a programming service code. This service code is either :

  • Pre-installed in factory
  • Added by the property manager

To be able to use a code in order to access the building, the provider must obtain authorisation from the competent authority. Then, it is necessary to get a Vigik® smart card loader system, an access card, a service card and to organise the regular loading of the contactless tag by the concerned staff.

Horanet provides the smart card reloading system that allows you to open Vigik® locks

➥ How Vigik® system works

  • First of all, the central console verified that the access card is authorised.

  • Then, the central console checks that the date and the time slot are load into the Vigik® card

  • Finally, the central console decided whether or not the entrance door can be opened.

➥ Horanet, certified provider

Every opening request for usage right of Vigik® system is regulated by an agreement delivered by Vigik® association.

Every access pass Vigik® is loaded for a limited validity date in time and for specific time slots which are encoded in the access pass.

The entrance door command will be triggered within the validity period and allowed time slots.

✓ A Vigik® card reloading station, if it is the first account created and rights opening

✓ A batch of contactless Vigik® card

Fixed loading station #Tab (coming soon) equipped with VigiPad software
The mobile loading station Fx100 equipped with VigiPad software

Further information

Authorisation for reloading Vigik® native codes

Horanet is one of the approved providers for native codes reloading to the advantage of a certified third party.

A multi network used

Our servers are allocated on multiple secure places and use different network providers:

Geo-redundancy is the best way to avoid failures. Our servers are located on different secured sites and use separate network providers. Each server has 100% of the information that ensures service continuity.

A 20 years experience in rights management

The software applications development dedicated to authentication and user rights management is Horanet DNA. For several years, we have been implementing reliable and sustainable solutions in various sectors.

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